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Is Blockchain the new buzzword of the future?

  Is Blockchain the new buzzword of the future? Blockchain is a system of recording information to make it challenging to modify, change or hack the system. Blockchain, a digital ledger, transactions are duplicated and distributed across the entire network of computers on the blockchain.  Each block of the chain contains many transactions.  A record of that transaction is added to every participant's ledger whenever a new transaction occurs on the blockchain.  Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger technology (DLT) in which transactions are recorded with an immutable cryptographic signature called a hash. Though this technology came into existence with bitcoin, blockchain has a far-reaching potential outside today's cryptocurrency. Besides cryptocurrency, blockchain provides various applications in financial services, supply chains, and the public sector. Some of the applications are given here. 1. Bank online transactions Banks can make faster transactions using blockch

Future of Electric Vehicles in India: Scopes and Challenges

Future of Electric Vehicles in India: Scopes and Challenges 18 years ago, when I visited the Taj Mahal, Agra, I travelled in battery-operated vehicle shunting between the vehicle parking and Taj Mahal.  The authorities made these arrangements to avoid pollution due to emissions from automobiles in and around the Taj Mahal. Long back, I saw battery-operated buses plying inside the IIT Madras campus. But the numbers were limited during those times, most of them funded by the government.  Awareness of battery-operated vehicles has picked up the pace for the past five to six years in India. A lot of Indian automakers are involved in developing EVs suitable for our local conditions. New start-ups are coming up into this segment from manufacturing vehicles, charging technologies, motors and control technologies for electric mobility. In this blog, I write about the future of electric vehicles in India. Also, write about the opportunities and challenges. OPPORTUNITIES The automobile world is

Internet of Behaviour (IoB), the Extension of Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Behaviour (IoB), the Extension of Internet of Things (IoT) Internet of things is an emerging technology, started influencing the day to day lives of all, and it will definitely be the technology of this decade.  Internet of Behaviour (IoB) is the extension of IoT , which uses the data collected through sensors and devices to analyse human psychology. It combines technology, data analysis, and human behaviour, which is required for a modern-day business, from marketing, sales, manufacturing and e-commerce.  In this blog, I compiled the concepts, examples and job opportunities for IoT and IoB. Internet of Things (IoT) IoT is the network of physical things embedded with sensors and software to connect and exchange data with devices and systems over the internet. These devices range from ordinary household objects to sophisticated industrial tools.  The ' thing ' in the internet of things might be a person with a sensor implanted to monitor the glucose level or an air-c

Important Entrance Tests to Crack for Foreign University Admissions

Important Entrance Tests to Crack for Foreign University Admissions Everyone aspires to study in top universities in the world. This is because there are so many opportunities for you to grab there with systematic planning and preparations. Most universities follow some prerequisites for admission. They want to assess the competency of students from all over the world through standardized examinations. Also, expect English language proficiency for students from non-native English speaking countries. To get admission for undergraduate, graduate programs or research, you need to write a test for English language proficiency. Apart from that, you have to take a separate exam for the Bachelors or Masters programs. In this blog, I compiled the details of various tests conducted for admission to top universities worldwide. 1. International English Language Testing System (IELTS)  English language proficiency for non-native speakers is assessed for higher studies or migration in English speak

How Do You Understand the Term Trending in Social Media?

After so many buildups in social media and TV discussions for years, I really wanted to know what is trending? Trending means any topic currently popular or widely discussed online, especially on social media websites. You can also add 'at particular' location to the above sentence. Location can be a village, town, city, state, country or even the entire world. For example, suppose a topic is discussed more on social media in a town at a particular time. The discussion is trending there. It applies to city, state, country or world. Usual trending topics are about politics, social issues of a particular location, movie release, actor birthdays, gossips etc. Trending depends on the number of people or message over time and location. So it has to be a short burst over a shorter duration, not consistently built over months or years. A word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media websites to identify digital content on a specific topic. So hashtag may play a role

How to Succeed in Print On Demand E-Commerce Business with Little Investment

Print on demand (POD) is an e-commerce B2C business model that allows you to sell customised products printed after an order has been placed by the customer.  Print on demand is similar to dropshipping, but the product is printable, such as T-shirts, coffee mugs, bags etc.  You can customise plain printable with your creative designs or according to the customer need.  After taking the order from the customer, the printing and fulfilment will be taken care of by the supplier. There are many print-on-demand service providers available worldwide. You can tie up with a supplier and order on a per-order basis. And you don't need to keep any inventory. You can sell them on your brand name.  It is an easy way to earn as a youngster, provided you need to market your brand. Potential for Print on Demand Companies are increasingly using custom-designed t-shirts to brand their company, products, or offerings as a modern branding strategy. Companies use this technique to increase their brand

24 Online Job Opportunities for College Students with Little Skills Required

The growth of internet technology created a lot of remote job opportunities in all fields.  You can sit anywhere in the world and work for your clients. I have compiled a list of part-time online job opportunities for college students.  I hope this blog will help to find online job opportunities for college students with few skills required.  If you are interested in part-time jobs, You can choose a suitable option to earn for your daily expenses.  These part-time jobs would build your confidence and also give you good experience in that field. Affiliate Marketing Recommending a product or service through social media or blog is called affiliate marketing. Almost all big businesses have an affiliate program to promote their products and services. You can register with them and get a referral link and post it with your recommendations on your social media page, YouTube channel or blog. You will be paid a commission if anybody buys a product or service by clicking your referral link. Thi

How we Approached In-plant Training for Our Students

Our engineering college is situated in a rural area. Most of the students are from in and around our college. As part of the industrial exposure, we invite industry people to interact with students and arrange industrial visits regularly. Some students get opportunities for in-plant training. There were very few industries in our area, giving chances to only a small number of students. It was very challenging for students to get industrial exposure. Some students found it challenging to spend for travel and stay. But their interest to go for industry training was enormous. A few years back, we found an alternative solution to in-plant training for our students, which worked well. We collected the list of famous civil engineers, electrical consultants and engineers, authorised dealers of car and bike service, big businesses in and around our area. We decided to send our students to them for industry training during weekends and vacations. Through this, mechanical engineering students ca

How A Small Initiative Improved the Confidence of Students from Rural Areas

In the university where I worked, every subject would have a seminar component for 15 marks. Students have to talk on a specific topic at least once per subject. This initiative was taken to train students from rural areas not to face difficulties when they go for jobs. But it did not happen as planned. Some faculty members found it difficult to complete it on time and requested the management to remove it from the assessment. Absenteeism, unwillingness to take seminar were the main reasons cited by the faculties. During that time, I handled a subject called Renewable Energy for Electrical Engineering Students. I elaborately talked to the students about the purpose of conducting and the importance of the seminar. Also, I asked the students about their difficulties in doing. The majority of students told the following Stage fear Classmates might tease Teacher might ask questions Less confident to talk in English  But, All the students accepted the importance of the seminar, and they wer

How important is health insurance for a middle-class family

I am not from any insurance company and not here to campaign for anybody. Wish to share the importance of it among all, mainly for the middle-class family.  Think about what will happen during an emergency medical situation for your family member if you're not financially strong to meet your medical needs. Either you will spend from your savings, or you need to borrow it. Otherwise, you need to choose a substandard hospital. I have seen the struggles of my friends and colleagues so many times. Suppose you have a health insurance policy for your family. In that case, you can choose the best hospital for treatment during emergencies. Even though you have enough savings, it is wise to spend a small amount on health insurance premium rather than paying huge hospital bills.  I interacted with some of my colleagues and friends about health insurance.  In this blog, I listed some general misconceptions of people, and I wish to clarify them from my understanding of health policies.   Peopl

Do You Have a Second Source of Income? Some Decent Options for Salaried Persons

How many of you learnt life lessons from the impact of covid19. The lockdown forced us to sit at home for months. Many people lost their jobs or working with a reduced salary.  Your savings might have disappeared in no time during this pandemic. I started thinking about how long I can withstand this uncertainty over income during the pandemic. I pray such a situation should not come again. If it happened in future, we all should face it in a better way, financially. I hope you all will agree with me. From a survey, it is found 85% of salaried people have only a single income source. A second or other source of income is very essential to lead your life confidently. It will help to save some money for the future. It might be interest from deposits, rent from buildings or other similar sources. In this blog, I suggest some possible areas for you to explore for a reliable second source of income. Online Tutoring Online tutoring is an ideal option for any graduate for a decent earning. Opp

The Emergence of Online Teaching Jobs: The Best Online Websites to Get Teaching Opportunities

The current pandemic has opened new avenues in the field of education. Online teaching and learning have created lots of possibilities in academia. With the advent of technology, a teacher from any corner of the world can reach students through the internet.   The good thing is you can do it at your convenient time. It is an additional source of income for you if you are already working. There is a massive demand for online tutorship to seek one-to-one teaching, solve assignments, and do laboratory works and projects. Requirements for online teaching Essential Degree in the relevant field Decent communication skills Good subject knowledge Computer or mobile phone with internet and camera Digital writing pad Expertise in online teaching How to Find  Opportunities Many websites provide online tutorship opportunities. They bridge teachers and students based on the requirements of both. You need to register with your expertise so that students view your profile and contact yo