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8 Best Online Content Writing Tools for Teachers, Bloggers and Writers

There are several tools available to help teachers, content writers and bloggers to improve their writing. In this blog, I suggest you some online software tools which will be helpful for the writers. To make your article ready for publishing requires several systematic steps, which take so much time. The following tools will help you to accelerate the publishing with quality.

WebFx Readability Test Tool

The success of the writer or blogger relies largely on their article's readability. WebFx Readability Test tool is an easy to use online tool to check the readability of your content. This tool gives feedback on  in numerical and graphical forms by feeding the URL or copy-paste your article in the text window provided. You can understand the scores from the standard readability indices and change your writing to suit a particular target audience. The higher the score, the better will be the readability of your writing.


Grammarly is probably one of the best grammar and spelling checking tools I have ever come across. The free add-in checks the spelling, grammar. The paid one gives more features like sentence structure, grammar and alternative word suggestions. An option tab is available to adjust the type of content such as general, formal, casual, official, etc. Accordingly, the tool gives its tips. Grammarly suggests you replace or rewrite monotonous words and sentences. In my view, it is a perfect companion for any writer to use. 

Text Analyser

Are you aware of how often you use similar phrases or words in your write-up?. The repeated words or phrases might be boring to your readers. Also, it is not easy for you to find out by reading the article. Text analyser is a free online tool to help you to detect such repetition. It also counts the number of words, characters, sentences, syllables and lexical density of your write-up. This is an effective tool helps you to improve the content quality by replacing the repeated phrases or words.


Another online tool for the above purpose is worditout. It displays the repeated words or phrases pictorially. You can find out the repeated words from the word cloud and replace them with suitable alternatives.


You often see  time to read the article mentioned in a post on social media. Read-O-Meter is one such tool to estimate the time needed to read the content. You add it to your content while publishing to give a professional touch to your articles.

Hemingway app

The success of your writing relies on how legible it is. Hemingwayapp is an online tool to find out the hard to read sentences, the number of adverbs, and passive voices in sentences. The feedback on content structure, including sentence formatting from this tool, help you to modify the content easy to read.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary

The words you write can leave a huge impact and create a lasting memory for the readers. It is super important to choose them wisely. I introduce a tool onelook that lets you describe a concept and retrieve a massive list of related words and phrases. Your input can be a single word, a few words, or even a whole sentence.


The title of the content must be catchy, attractive and trendy. An online tool, Portent helps you to create engaging titles for your articles. By simply typing the theme, this tool will generate a list of creative title to choose from.

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