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Do You Have a Second Source of Income? Some Decent Options for Salaried Persons
How many of you learnt life lessons from the impact of covid19. The lockdown forced us to sit at home for months. Many people lost their jobs or working with a reduced salary.  Your savings might have disappeared in no time during this pandemic.

I started thinking about how long I can withstand this uncertainty over income during the pandemic. I pray such a situation should not come again. If it happened in future, we all should face it in a better way, financially. I hope you all will agree with me.

From a survey, it is found 85% of salaried people have only a single income source. A second or other source of income is very essential to lead your life confidently. It will help to save some money for the future. It might be interest from deposits, rent from buildings or other similar sources.

In this blog, I suggest some possible areas for you to explore for a reliable second source of income.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is an ideal option for any graduate for a decent earning. Opportunities are aplenty for online teaching from school to university students. Various web platforms are available for you to join as a tutor. These platforms bridge tutors and students worldwide. In this, you can do one to one teaching, helping students to solve assignment or homework. You can choose a set of subjects to teach. Depends on the quantum of work, you can fix your tutor fee on an hourly basis. Read my blog post on The Emergence of Online Teaching Jobs: The Best Online Websites to Get Teaching Opportunities to know further.

Technical Writing

Writing complex information into digestible content for a target audience is the role of the technical writer. Most companies need technical writers to develop whatever they want to convey as text to their customers. Writing technical manuals, technical datasheets for products, proposal preparations, technical guides are some of the works of a technical writer. It is a high-rated skill, having good demand. You can find these jobs from freelancer websites if you want to do it for an extra income.

Selling Courses on the Online Platforms

Another possibility relevant to graduates is selling courses online. It is slightly different from online tutoring. For this, you need to create video lectures on your topic of expertise, with good quality. You can sell courses through online platforms to the students interested in them. After the pandemic, this market is rapidly increasing worldwide, and of course, an excellent option for teachers to earn.

Affiliate Marketing
Another good option for earning is affiliate marketing. Recommending a product or service through social media or blog is called affiliate marketing. Almost all big businesses have an affiliate program to promote their products and services. For each sale from a referral, the affiliate gets a commission. You can register with them and get a referral link to be used on your social media page or blog. Whoever buys the product or service by clicking your referral link will be paid a commission.


A blog is an online journal presenting information in reverse chronological order. It is informal writing on a subject from the writer's point of view. Through blogs, you may display advertisements, do affiliate marketing and sell products. From the above, you might get a decent income. You can start your blog on a website or publish in blogger, which is free. Find a suitable subject, start writ(earn)ing!


Through this blog, I gave some ideas to explore for a second source of income.  It may take some time to master it, but it will fetch you a very consistent income.  There are so many other avenues available. Please google it to explore more. 


  1. Good and Useful during the Pandemic for those thinking of generating income.

  2. Such a wonderful and most needed article in this pandemic situation to the employees in private organisation sir

    Innate Talent


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