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The Emergence of Online Teaching Jobs: The Best Online Websites to Get Teaching Opportunities

The current pandemic has opened new avenues in the field of education. Online teaching and learning have created lots of possibilities in academia. With the advent of technology, a teacher from any corner of the world can reach students through the internet.

 The good thing is you can do it at your convenient time. It is an additional source of income for you if you are already working. There is a massive demand for online tutorship to seek one-to-one teaching, solve assignments, and do laboratory works and projects.

Requirements for online teaching

  • Essential Degree in the relevant field
  • Decent communication skills
  • Good subject knowledge
  • Computer or mobile phone with internet and camera
  • Digital writing pad
  • Expertise in online teaching

How to Find  Opportunities

Many websites provide online tutorship opportunities. They bridge teachers and students based on the requirements of both. You need to register with your expertise so that students view your profile and contact you for online tutorship. Based on your experience, you can fix the tutor fee on an hourly basis. This is an excellent and safe earning opportunity for you during this pandemic situation.In this blog, I give some websites providing online teaching opportunities. I cover only opportunities for college professors. Please explore.


A large number of teachers and students use throughout the world. They cover 4500+ subjects in 250+ languages and also teach 500+ skills. They spread over 125 countries bridging teachers and students 24 X 7.It makes every teacher searchable by students in the world in their local area and online. Most of the services are free for teachers and students. They try to bridge students with a teacher within a day by posting their requirements.

A student can contact three tutors for free and pay if they wish to reach more teachers on this site. Also, teachers can contact students at no cost to them, and some jobs are free to apply. They provide badges, weblink with profile of the teacher to advertise on social media as well.

This may be an excellent opportunity for teachers to find students and start earning.


Superprof spread over 28 countries with more than 15 million teachers. They cover subjects such as arts, science, engineering, sports, health and much more. This website is free for tutors, and they charge a nominal fee for students to access the tutors. For more visibility, they have a subscription for the tutor. But the tutor fee may be fixed on mutual consent of teacher and student. The student directly pays the tutor. Superprof does not collect any service charges from tutors.


In transtutors, you have two options to earn. The first one is one-to-one teaching, and the second one is helping students to complete homework. Students post their homework questions on this site get the solution from the tutors. Based on the completed assignment, the tutors will be paid. You have to take an online test on your specialization to become a tutor in transtutors. There is a possibility to earn $2000 per month.


24houranswers website bridges tutors and college students studying undergraduate and graduate-level. They offer two kinds of service. In the first one, tutors help students solve any homework problem, and the second one is online tutoring. Tutors will estimate how much time to complete homework or note the length of a live session student requested. The tutor and student will receive a price quote based on that time estimate. Students can discuss pricing with the tutor.


TutorMe is a platform that provides on-demand tutoring and online courses to students worldwide. With over 300 subjects, you can find topics to teach. They will start sending students to you after registration. Students might also message you. They pay a minimum fee of $16 per hour.


I gave a glimpse of some websites that provide online teaching jobs for college or university professors. There are so many other websites that offer similar services. Please google it.

Thank you


  1. Good Information. Helpful for teachers to earn online and part-time.

  2. Good information sir. In this pandemic situation lot of opportunities in Online tutoring. We can connect worldwide

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