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Future of Electric Vehicles in India: Scopes and Challenges

Future of Electric Vehicles in India: Scopes and Challenges 18 years ago, when I visited the Taj Mahal, Agra, I travelled in battery-operated vehicle shunting between the vehicle parking and Taj Mahal.  The authorities made these arrangements to avoid pollution due to emissions from automobiles in and around the Taj Mahal. Long back, I saw battery-operated buses plying inside the IIT Madras campus. But the numbers were limited during those times, most of them funded by the government.  Awareness of battery-operated vehicles has picked up the pace for the past five to six years in India. A lot of Indian automakers are involved in developing EVs suitable for our local conditions. New start-ups are coming up into this segment from manufacturing vehicles, charging technologies, motors and control technologies for electric mobility. In this blog, I write about the future of electric vehicles in India. Also, write about the opportunities and challenges. OPPORTUNITIES The automobile world is